Giving to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is a selfless act that not only supports organizations with the same passions and values as you, but also offers significant tax benefits. With a little research and planning, individuals and companies can maximize their charitable giving and lower their tax liability.

Here is a complete guide to the tax benefits of giving to NGOs:

1. Tax Deductions: When you donate to an NGO, you can claim a deduction on your income tax return. The amount that can be claimed as a deduction varies depending on your tax bracket and the type of NGO you contribute to. For example, in the US, charities that are designated as 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for tax deductions.

2. Capital Gains Tax: If you donate shares of stocks or assets to an NGO, you can avoid paying a capital gains tax. This is because donating an asset is considered an outright sale, and the capital gains on the donation are not taxable.

3. Estate Tax: Giving to NGOs can also help reduce your estate tax. A donation to an NGO is considered a charitable bequest, which can reduce the taxable value of your estate.

4. Corporate Tax Benefits: Companies can claim tax deductions on their corporate tax returns for donations to NGOs. In some countries, companies can also claim a tax credit for their contributions.

5. Donating to Foreign NGOs: If you donate to a foreign NGO, you may be eligible for a tax deduction in your home country. However, tax laws vary from country to country, and it is important to research these laws before making a donation.

Some other important tips to keep in mind:

1. Keep Receipts: It is important to keep receipts of all donations made to NGOs to claim deductions on your tax return.

2. Check NGO Status: Before making a donation, ensure that the NGO you are donating to is registered and recognized as a charitable organization. Donations to non-registered NGOs are not eligible for tax deductions.

3. Donation Matching Programs: Some companies offer donation matching programs, where they match the donation made by their employees to an NGO. This can help maximize your contribution and reduce your tax liability.

Giving to NGOs not only supports a great cause, but it also offers significant tax benefits. It is important to research the tax laws in your country to maximize your contribution and receive the proper deductions. By planning your giving, you can reduce your tax liability and make a difference in the world.