About Us

Who we are ?

The Joint Women’s Programme is a movement of and for the women, for their freedom and identity. It believes in creating a society where women are equal partners with men.  Headed by Dr. Jyotsna Chatterji, it is a national forum of women’s groups and organisations covering both urban and rural areas. It extends its call to all women, men and children to join the struggle to uphold human rights.  It became a Registered Society (or non-profit organization) in Delhi, India, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, number S-49003 in 2004


Our Mission

As a non-profit, secular and rights-based organisation, it has been reaching out to the Government, law enforcing agencies, civil society groups, grassroot organisations and concerned individuals, among others, with the objective of furthering the cause of women and children with regard to their human rights concerns, especially addressing those who belong to the distressed and disadvantaged sections of the society, in both rural and urban areas. For JWP, the women's question in India is both a concern for the female sex and the interrelated phenomena involving caste, class, ethnicity, culture, and religion, which leads to discrimination & exploitation. Our vision grew to encompass the organization of women at the grassroot level and building communities in rural and urban areas. It conducts studies, research and documentation of information along with organising seminars, conferences and workshops to inform, analyse and build the capacity of functionaries and thus, promote necessary action. In the context of children, JWP realizes that considerable attention must be paid to child rights in the development process in India. Its programmes are therefore planned to ensure holistic processes and laws, interventions and infrastructure for the survival, protection, development and participation of each child, irrespective of gender, caste, class and religion. The Mera Sahara Education and Protection Centre, in Nithari Noida, is one of our most successful endeavours.

Our Team

Along with our team, we have to acknowledge the time and efforts of all our Program Coordinators and Volunteers. Their contribution adds a lot of value and diversity to our organisation and our cause.

Dr. Jyotsna

Founder and Director


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Finance Manager


Program Coordinators and Volunteers