Project Mera Sahara started in 2007 with minimal resources in Nithari, Noida following the frightening incident that took place in December 2006 and envisaged starting a protection and learning centre in a protected environment.


Today, JWP Mera Sahara centres serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for children and adults in underprivileged communities. Mera Sahara Centres provide non-formal schooling (up-to class 5) and crèche facilities for infants, adult literacy (training in legal literacy) programmes for young adults and women as well as skill development programmes for economic empowerment of women and young girls. Through a holistic approach to education, skilling and support, these centres strive to bridge the gap between marginalised and underprivileged individuals and mainstream educational opportunities.

JWP Mera Sahara centres aim to empower learners of all ages with knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world. From nurturing future leaders among the youngest learners to providing second chances for adults seeking to enhance their skills, Mera Sahara Centres are dedicated to fostering a culture of lifelong learning, empowerment, gender justice and social change.

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The JWP Mera Centre in Faridabad was established in 2010. It currently offers tailoring classes, beauty culture courses, and cooking classes, the centre provides valuable skill development opportunities aimed at fostering economic independence and self-sufficiency for adolescents and women. 

Through these programs, participants gain essential skills and knowledge, enabling them to pursue livelihood opportunities and contribute to their families’ well-being. The centre’s commitment to holistic community development resonates through its dedication to empowering women and girls, creating a brighter future for all.


Situated in Nithari, Noida, the JWP Mera Sahara Centre serves as a comprehensive hub for educational and skilling programmes, embodying a commitment to holistic community development. The education centre offers empowering initiatives including non-formal education up to class 5, Adult literacy programmes, and computer training, ensuring quality education for all. 

Additionally, it provides a crèche facility for children aged 2-4, offering a safe environment while parents are at work. The skilling centre focuses on empowering women, adolescent girls, and youth through programs like tailoring, baking, and computer literacy, fostering economic independence. Moreover, JWP emphasises community engagement through bi-monthly meetings, educating both genders on constitutional rights, policies, and laws for protection. Advocating for gender equality, sessions cover diverse topics including domestic violence, menstrual health, and environmental preservation. Women and girls also receive awareness sessions on legal procedures regarding violence, ensuring a supportive community environment.



The Kausani Centre was established in 2012 through collaboration with local organisations in the Kausani district. The centre offers a range of empowering programmes aimed at enhancing the lives of women and youth across seven villages. 

Through innovative initiatives, such as training in the production of environmentally friendly agricultural tools, smokeless stoves and implementation of new methods for agriculture, the centre equips community members with skills vital for sustainable farming practices and economic stability. Additionally, local women are also trained to weave rugs and shawls from scrap material that enables them to earn a living. Through these diverse programmes, the Kausani Mera Sahara Centre fosters environmental conservation, economic empowerment for women and adolescents as well as sustainable living practices within the communities it serves.

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