In support of long pending Women’s reservation bill, Women NGOs continuosly come together to demand 33% reservation of seats in State Assemblies and Parliament. In 2010 the matter was placed in Parliament and passed in the Rajya Sabha. Unfornately Parliament has still not placed it in the Parliament for discussion and decision. Representative of Women's groups have made it a point to meet members of Parliament, from time to time to emphasize their demand and to request the Goverment to ensure the passage of the Bill as the Present Government's Election Menifesto has promised not 33% percent but 50% percent reservation of seats for women.

Others issues that require organising of women is around local concerns of sanitation problems, denial of equal wages to workers, both domestic and construction workers, civic amenties etc.

A memorandum To Shri Venkaia Naidu, Minister Of Parliamentary Affairs for Womens Reservation Bill


JWP’s organizational work envisages the empowered woman to be one who can make her own choices and take decisions in matters that are important to her and her family. The role of men in this process is to create an informed partnership with women, to provide a safe future for the family, the community and country.

FOR WOMEN, JWP works to ensure:

  • Equal status for women
  • Basic human rights such as food, shelter and employment
  • Action against violence and crimes such as domestic violence, rape and trafficking
  • Effective educational facilities,  good health and mental well being
  • Protection against discrimination, desertion and sexual harassment
  • Control over resources including land
  • Equal participation in decision making processes at all levels
  • Special emphasis on the rights of migrant women, minority women, and women domestic workers

FOR CHILDREN, JWP works to ensure:

  • A child’s identity as a human person and citizen
  • Recognition of the equal status of the girl child
  • Prevention of malnutrition
  • Good health, mental well being and medical attention
  • Action against child marriage, child labour, child abuse, trafficking and child prostitution
  • All educational opportunities for all children

JWP is committed to eradication of all types of exploitation and denial of basic human rights of women and children through all possible means and resources, by networking with likeminded organizations, institutions and individuals, as well as direct interaction with government representatives and administrators at all levels of governance.

JWP’s other concern is advocacy against policies, schemes and programmes of the Government which deny human rights and equal justice.

It therefore conducts local surveys, documents information, carries out research on issues that require data and complete information for advocacy and action.