Immunization cards issued by Max Hospital, Noida.
This programme was sponsored by Lioness Club
Women meetings are held on Family health pre and post natal care and family planning

JWP holds health camps with the help of local doctors and Lioness Club, who handle preventive and curative aspects of health. Major concerns are community health and training of health workers, who in turn can organize people to recognize the problems of ill health as part of the total question of oppression, and demand better conditions of living. This has led to JWP colleagues interacting with local administration and political leaders to ensure cleanliness in all areas where it has its centre to provide better housing conditions and clean drinking water.

In the area of preventive health, JWP conducts regular discussions with women’s groups and community leaders on general medical problems and diseases. It also takes up the issues relating to women's reproductive health and STDs, HIV/AIDS, etc. JWP invites health workers to talk to the community primarily on maternal health, post and prenatal pregnancy, malnutrition, immunization and emphasis on health problems related to early marriage and sexual abuse.