JWP believes that no suitable action is possible without the necessary information and data.

It has conducted several studies on issues related to women, children, urban and rural communities in the socio-cultural context of violence, poverty, patriarchy and the lack of information and of resources. Many studies such as the study on The Problems of the Devdasi System in Karnataka, Child Marriages in India, the Indian Divorce Act of 1869, has enabled the Government to formulate laws to control the problems.

The recent study on Women in the Jails of Punjab was supported by the National Commission for Women. A related study, also supported by the National Commission for Women, is on the Condition of Children with Mothers in the Jails of Punjab. These studies have suggested changes required in the functioning of jails and the needs of jail inmates and their children.

JWP has also documented the condition of migrant families in the slums of Uttar Pradesh.