How an elderly Vijay Bala was abused by her children, stays in an old age home!

Sixty five year old Vijay Bala was a community worker with Joint Women's Programme. Her job involved organizing and sensitizing marginalized women, children and community about their legal rights, good health, education and safety. She was the first co-ordinater of the programme MERA SAHARA, in Noida. Vijay Bala has now been provided shelter at a old age home at Noida because her children have refused to take care of her. Vijay Bala who lived separately from her husband, raised her two children with difficulty, spent 25 long years working with women and children in slums of Delhi and Noida. Her commitment and hard work won her accolades from her colleagues and the community.


JWP is one of the seven national women's organizations which have demanded 33% reservation of seats for women in Parliament and State Assemblies. This was a logical step forward towards strengthening democracy at the grassroots following the reservation of seats for women in the Panchayati Raj. To this day JWP is an integral part of the campaign for the Women's Reservation Bill, organizing protests, hunger strikes, public meetings and signature campaigns at the grassroots level while lobbying with political leaders including Parliamentarians.

Currently JWP is also running a project for training women for political leadership in its grassroots programmes. The training emphasizes the ability to analyze local and national problems, identify related development schemes and policies of the Government, prepare speeches, address public functions, organize people around an issue and be able to intervene when necessary.

JWP promotes efforts to ensure that all processes enable women and the community to get togather to demand for an effective implementation of policies and programmes for equal entitlements. It aims to address and fill in the gaps between the formulation and implementation of policies and schemes and ensure that these fulfill the needs of the common person. This objective has led to building partnerships with other civil society organizations working at the national, regional and local level for combined and effective action.