Dr. Jyotsna Chatterji, Director, JWP

Based in New Delhi, with offices and programmes across various states, JWP was started in 1977 as a forum for womens' rights as equal citizens under the Consitution of India.

The Joint Women's Programme became a registered body under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, number S-49003 of in 2004.

For JWP, the women's question in India is both a concern for the female sex and the interrelated phenomena including caste, class, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc leading to discrimination & explotation.JWP's programme to combat this total system of oppression and exploitation is therefore comprehensive in nature. The emphasis is on grassroot level organizing of women and the community in rural and urban areas. JWP promotes issue based campaigns and networking at the regional and national levels among women〙s groups and others. It carries out studies, research and documentation of information. Seminars, conferences and workshops are organized to inform, analyze and build the capacity of functionaries and thus promote necessary action. The legal and socio-economic rights of women, as well as their struggle for equal justice, attracts JWP〙s attention.

In the context of children, JWP realizes that attention must be paid to child rights in the total development process in India. Its programmes are therefore planned to ensure holistic processes and laws, interventions and infrastructure for the survival, protection, development and participation of each child, irrespective of gender, caste, class and religion.