JWP celebrates Annual Day with full Enthusiasm

The mood was upbeat inside Nithari village's new Baratghar on Friday afternoon. Over 100 children from Mera Sahara protection centre were cheering, clapping and dancing to the tunes of famous bollywood songs, themetic songs on women and girl child rights. Some of them came with their mothers, mostly house maids, fathers and siblings. It was an annual day celebration of protection centre, run by Joint Women's Programme. Girls and boys who were trained to perform, were busy getting ready for their performance on the stage. While some were involved in assisting teachers making arrangements, others were busy helping their peers selected to perform on the stage.

From Chakde India song from the famous Shahrukh Khan's film to Salman Khan's popular songs, five minute docu drama on discrimination on caste basis from Rabindra Nath Tagore's story were among many colourful performances by young students. The most interesting thing was both boys and girls worked hard for the d-day. Noida's city magistrate was the chief guest at the annual day celebration. Speaking on the occasion, he lauded the role of Mera Sahara protection centre and said that he was pleased to see talent of children from downtrodden families. JWP Director, Dr Jyotsna Chatterji said that there were many challenges in running the protection centre in the area which has a migratory population and those who have been living in the area for generations. From education to safety and security of girl students, boys from poor families are encouraged to join the protection centre which helps these children join mainstream schools. She lauded teachers who have been playing multiple role of teachers, guide and counselors in the protection centre. Among those who were present on the occasion were former Badminton Champion former badminton champion Damayanti Tambe and veteran activist Husna Suhani.


Joint Women’s Programme (JWP) is a movement of and for women and children, for their freedom and identity. It believes in creating a society where women are equal partners with men. It is a national forum of women’s groups and organisations covering both urban and rural areas. It extends its call to all women, men and children to participate in its movement to uphold human rights. Through its programmes it reaches out to government departments, law enforcing agencies, civil society groups, grassroot organisations and concerned individuals to ensure that all people, specially women and children, enjoy their basic rights.